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Sarah's Techno

The Leading Food Processing Machinery Manufacturer in India With Over 22 Years of Experience

Established in the year of 1998, Sarah’s Techno is a leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of a wide range of Industrial Machines & Equipment. The company is located at Thrissur, Kerala, India.

We are the leading manufacturer concentrating more on research & engineering for developing and manufacturing of high-quality equipment, meeting the specific requirements of the food industry. 

We have credible achievements in manufacturing Food & Spices Processing Equipment, Fruits & Vegetable Processing Equipment and Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment We have a great history of creating Fully Automated Plants that requires high quality standards.

Explore our product range of Processing Plants to find your requirement and do get in touch with us for more details & support.

Steamed Puttu/Rice Flour Processing

Spices Processing

Health Food Processing

Fruit Processing

Snack & Sweets Manufacturing

Pickle, Jam, Sauce Processing

Ready to Eat Products

Ready to Cook Products (Instant)

Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing

Bakery Machinery

Special Purpose Machinery

Chappathi & Pathiri Making Machinery

At Sarah’s Techno, we create machines that are customized to fulfill our client’s requirements, while meeting all the stringent global standards. This trust brings our clients back to us over and over when they have expansion plans.

We are backed by a robust infrastructure. Our two manufacturing units are spread in an area of 10000 square feet. They are comprised of modern machines and equipment like CNC lathe, drilling, grinding, bending, buffing machines to ensure quality large scale production.

We have a computerized CAD design centre and Stainless steel grade testing machine to test the quality of the steel used in the production process.

We have a vast network which is properly knitted around various parts of the world. It helps us in carrying out smooth business operations and keeps us connected to our clients in a better way.

We have many happy customers of our food processing machines in different parts of India including Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Pune, Kerala and many more.


We are proud to have a vast customer base in many countries including the following:

  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • UAE
  • African Countries

One of our project got EU approval for the first time in India for dry fish export which was banned in all those days. Another project got the ISI certification for natural baby food for the first time in India.

Our client list includes industry giants to medium sized companies and even small-scale industry units. We are happy to serve the biggest as well as the smallest alike.

Unlike other companies that sell machines that have only one or two variants, we try to understand the client requirements and customize it to meet their needs. We have a great team of engineers and skilled workers who can literally change a very simple machine to a highly complex one that can accomplish complex tasks which in turn saves your time and money.


This customization makes Sarah’s Techno a reliable partner of many leading brands in food processing industry as you can find it in our clientele list.

Many entrepreneurs approach us with little knowledge about the industry; but we give them all the insights and directions to start their business with confidence. Proper advice and direction is hard to find, especially for a beginner. This makes us stand apart.  

Our machines are well known for their:

  • Durability
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Built quality
  • Customization
  • Low power usage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Support


Our machines are made using high quality components that we procure from industry leaders. We use stainless steel grade testing machine to ensure the quality of the steel used in the production process. This genuine quality parts guaranties the durability of all our machines.

Very low maintenance cost

It is the design part that ensures that our machines work maintenance free for the longest period possible. We have an expert team of engineers who makes this happen. Even in case of any maintenance work, it could be done relatively at a lower cost.

Built quality

We are backed by a robust infrastructure. It comprises of modern machines and equipment like CNC lathe, drilling, grinding, bending, buffing machines to ensure quality large-scale production. To understand the built quality just visit any of our client’s site, if not possible visit our factory. We are confident that it will cast a very good impression in your mind.


We have an excellent support wing always ready to help you in case of any assistance.

Find below the full list of machinery & equipment

  • Bucket Elevator
  • Screw Elevator
  • Rice Washing Machine
  • Rice Rinsing Machine
  • Rice Steaming Machine
  • Clean Steam Generator
  • Inspection Conveyor
  • Negative Pressure Hammer Mill
  • Ribbon Blender
  • Ribbon Blender with Heating System
  • Sautiner (500 Ltr & 1000 Ltr)
  • Powder Cooling Machine
  • Vibro Shifter
  • Powder Cooling Machine with ID Fan and Filter
  • Packing Machine
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Chilly Cleaning Machine
  • Triple Stage Negative Pressure Hammer Mill Flavor Lock System
  • Spices Blender with Heating System
  • Drum Roaster
  • Vibro Sifter
  • Screw Elevator with Packing Machine
  • Pollution Free Powder Cooling System
  • Grain Destoner Aspirator
  • Grain Washer
  • Sautiner (Electric or Fire Wood)
  • Powder Cooler cum Grain Cooler
  • Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Electric Thermic Fluid Heater
  • Vegetable & Fruits Bubble Jet Washing Machine
  • Fruit Mill
  • Fruit Conveyor with Water Sprinkler
  • Single Stage or Double Stage Fruit Pulper
  • Fruit Concentrator (100 – 1000 ltr.)
  • Juice Homogenizer
  • Thermic Fluid Heater (Electric / Firewood)
  • Semi Solid Dozer for Filling Of Juice, Pulp Etc. to bottle
  • Blender for Pickle
  • Jacketed Kettle for Sauce Filling cum Pickle Filling
  • Fully Automatic Sauce, Pickle, Jam Filling Line
  • Milk Mava Kettle
  • Thermic Fluid Based Snack Frying Plant
  • Halwa Making Plant
  • Sugar Pulverizer
  • Spiral Mixer
  • Idly, Iddiyappam Plant
  • Tutty Fruity Plant
  • Coating Pan
  • Flavouring Machine
  • Potato Peeler
  • Vegetable Cutting Machine
  • Sev Making Machine
  • Planetary Mixer
  • Iddiyappam Making Machine
  • Baby Boiler
  • Snack Frying Thermic Kettle
  • Semi Automatic & Fully Automatic Pickle Filling Machine
  • Fruit &Vegetable Cutting Machine
  • Pickle Blender
  • Bowl Chopper
  • Drum Roaster for Spices
  • Pickle Preparation Vessel
  • Lemon Cutting Machine
  • Garlic Peeling Machine
  • Ginger Cleaning Machine
  • Sauce Filling Machine
  • Band Sealer
  • Powder Roaster
  • Iddiyappam Extruder
  • Kneeder
  • Tray Dryer cum Cooker
  • Appam Making Machine
  • Cutting Machine
  • Unniyappam Machine
  • Thermic Fluid Based Porotta Plate
  • Chappathi & Pathiri Making Machine
  • Semi Cooked Chappathi Making Machine
  • Pasta Extruder
  • Instant Iddiyappam Plant
  • Iddiyappam Cooking Machine
  • Iddiyappam Drying Machine
  • Noodle Cooking Machine
  • Noodle Extruder
  • Noodle Drying Machine
  • Tray Dryer
  • Double Paddle Blender
  • Batter Mixing Machine
  • Flour Mixing Machine
  • Fully Automatic Cake Batter Filling Machine
  • Industrial Mixi
  • Coconut Milk Extractor
  • Leaf Juice Expeller
  • Koorka Peeler
  • Vegetable Washing Machine
  • Pollution Free Powder Cooling Machine
  • Thermic Fluid Boiler
  • Snack Frying Kettle
  • Bottle Washing System
  • Impact Mill
  • Double Cone Blender
  • Heating Tank
  • Snack Frying Thermic Fluid System
  • RF Sterilizer
  • Kashayam Preparation Vessel
  • Lehyam Filling Machine
  • Inspection Conveyor with Inspection Light
  • Drug Boiler
  • Ointment Filling Machine
  • Mass Mixer
  • Thermic Fluid Heater (2 Lakhs – 20 Lakhs)
  • Plum Cake Dozer
  • Extruder for Snack Frying
  • Banana Slicing Machine
  • Sugar Grinder
  • Colloid Mill