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Paddle Blender

Our paddle blenders are widely used in a range of industries including food processing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, minerals and others. These blenders are commonly used to mix different materials to make excellent quality homogeneous mixtures.

Paddles are mounted on twin shafts in a ‘w’ shaped trough for thorough mixing. The speed of the mixing paddles can be varied for different processes and requirements.

Our machines can be made to operate at different temperatures and pressures for mixing different materials including liquids of different stickiness and viscosity, and solids ranging from powders to granules. Customization includes fitting of spray nozzles, CIP, PLC and other pneumatic or electric systems can also be included. Mixing homogeneity of 98 – 99 percent can be expected.

The rotating paddles plough through the materials in the mixing chamber, generating an intense movement of particles in it (convection). The carefully designed paddles ensure an excellent axial and radial dispersion. Choppers are used to break up lumps in the mixture and ensure the dispersion of any agglomerates or liquids. As a result, they can blend solids with solids or solids with varying percentages of liquids to create a smooth paste or slurry.

The mixing time depends on the nature of the materials used. An outlet valve is used for quick and complete discharge of the mixer, making emptying and cleaning of the blender hassle free.


  • Universal mixer for various applications

  • Robust design

  • Process capabilities

  • High throughput

  • Good mixing homogeneity

Ideal For

  • Chemicals
  • Agro-Chemicals
  • Dyestuffs
  • Food Pigments